How to Complete Mission 2 Alone on Legendary
Section 1: Requiem This mission is significantly harder and longer than the primary mission. It should take you around 45 minutes to finish assuming that you are playing on a difficult trouble. For this first time, you should battle pledge vehicles (specifically Ghosts and banshees) and trackers. You ought to consistently keep the loadout of a headshot weapon (either a carbine or a fight rifle) and a plasma gun aside from when you battle the trackers toward the end. You start this mission having arrived from circle with the loadout of an attack rifle and a magnum. Destruction from the Forward unto Dawn and contract ships encompass you, including a couple of pledge weapons. As you stroll forward, you will track down a plasma gun close to a snort cadaver, with which you should trade your attack rifle. Circle left around the destruction and proceed ahead you until you come to the highest point of a little bluff. Close to a pledge case, you will track down a 54 ammunition carbine with which you should trade your magnum. You should now have the loadout of a carbine (a headshot weapon) and a plasma gun, which will permit you to handily kill all of the pledge infantry. Proceed down the way however the cleft in front of you and you will ultimately come to various Warthogs. In the construction to one side, there is a subsequent Warthog and a fight rifle and attack rifle carton. On the off chance that you favor the fight rifle over the carbine, you can trade your carbine for the fight rifle. I recommend that you keep the carbine since it is somewhat more exact, fires quicker, and has less backlash. It additionally has more ammunition (remembering that the fight rifle fires 3-fired explodes). Enter any of the Warthogs and drive down the way until you arrive at the agreement station ahead. Leave your Warthog at the highest point of the slope and trust that the apparitions will leave prior to moving to the right precipice divider. Along the right divider, there is a raised region with 4 snorts (two with fuel bars) and a jackal marksman in an expert sharpshooter tower. Utilize the grade of the grass slope as cover as you move up to this space, taking out the expert rifleman and fuel bar snorts quickly. It is most secure to kill these snorts from a distance since you will have more opportunity to avoid fuel poles. Moreover, they will have an extremely difficult time hitting you assuming you bounce around a great deal and move inconsistently. Visit:- Assuming you are playing Co-operation: If you are playing with numerous players, you might wish to remain in the Warthog. Clearly, one individual should drive and one individual ought to work the assault rifle (a third individual can likewise ride in the Warthog). Stand by at the highest point of the slope until the apparitions leaves before you connect with the adversaries. Be certain you kill the jackal expert rifleman before he can kill any of the players out of the Warthog. When battling fuel bar snorts, drive opposite to them with the goal that they struggle hitting you. The driver ought to never attempt to smash foes; rather, he should remain far away from the adversaries to that the heavy armament specialist can kill them from a good ways. Later you kill the foes on this small level, move to the left edge and check for snorts or jackals beneath you. Assuming you see any, kill them with carbine headshots and back up for cover if essential. Then, at that point, enter the rifleman pinnacle to trade your plasma gun for the jackal expert sharpshooter's shaft rifle. Since the shaft rifle is extremely exact and has a 5-10x degree, you can utilize it to kill foes on the opposite side of the ravine. Stroll to the front of the scaled down level and remain on the decrease so you have a reasonable shot at the foes at the furthest side of the gorge. Utilize the degree, and you should see 2 - 3 snorts, 1 - 2 jackals, a jackal marksman in an expert rifleman tower, and a first class major. The tip top will be working a plasma turret. The bar rifle is sufficiently strong to bring down positioning elites with just two headshots, and it can clearly switch off any light infantry with a solitary headshot. Kill the world class and the jackal marksman first, then, at that point, kill some other noticeable foes. Assuming you look off the left half of the little level once more, you should see a Ghost worked by either a first class or a snort. Utilize the pillar rifle to kill the adversary out of the Ghost. Now, you won't require the shaft rifle any more drawn out, so search for an agreement container on the small scale level with carbines and plasma guns. Restock on carbine ammunition and trade your pillar rifle for a plasma gun. Assuming you look off the left finish of the smaller than expected level, you should see a vacant Ghost stopped against a stone in the gully. Enter this Ghost and use it to head to the back right half of the gorge. Because of the Ghost's speed and harm obstruction, any foe that has gotten back in the plasma turret will not be able to hit you. When you arrive at the stone development on the back left half of the case ravine, leave your Ghost and study the leftover foes around the agreement station. Contingent upon the number of adversaries you killed previously, you should see a world class and some number of snorts and jackals. Use your carbine to kill all of the light infantry from a good ways, including any snort working the plasma turret (due to your point, he will not be able to hit you.) Then, climb to kill the tip top by eliminating his safeguards with your cheated plasma gun and killing him with a carbine headshot. Leave the case gully through the hole toward the back. Be ready for 3 snort heavies with fuel bars to snare many you round the subsequent turn. Move sufficiently far around the bend that you can shoot the snorts and step back when you see them fire at you. In the event that you take them out each in turn and remain nearby the corner, you can kill them securely. Proceed through the hole and you will come to a lot bigger agreement station ahead. Before you, there is a shallow slope with 3 snorts (one with a fuel bar) and a world class major on top. Stroll up the slope with the goal that you can scarcely see the foe infantry and start killing the ones nearest to you. For cover, basically stroll down the slope and the bend will ensure you. Later you kill all of the infantry straightforwardly before you, move to the highest point of the slope and move to the right divider. On the highest point of the herald structure in front of you, there is a jackal expert rifleman with a shaft rifle. Utilize the any of the stones as cover and kill the jackal expert marksman with a headshot. Before these stones, there are 3 - 4 snorts, 1 - 2 jackals, and a first class broad with a blackout rifle. You should switch off the light infantry first before you connect with tip top. If not, the snorts and jackals will furnish him with covering discharge later you eliminate his safeguards, keeping you from completing him with a headshot. (This is a decent strategy that you should utilize sooner rather than later). Shift aside from the stone heap with the goal that you have a reasonable shot at a couple of snorts at time. Along these lines, the other infantry will not be able to see you, so you can zero in all of your consideration on the couple of foes you are locking in. Keep on repositioning yourself in cover behind the stones to kill the entirety of the light infantry. Presently, you can securely draw in the world class with a cheated plasma gun and carbine headshot. To arrive at the highest point of the trailblazer structure ahead, you will require climb one of the two inclines situated on one or the other side. 4 snorts and 2 jackals watch the right incline, and 2 snorts and 2 jackals monitor the left slope. Find a heap of rocks a reasonable separation away from the infantry around the right incline and use it as cover to take them out from a good ways. It is ideal to kill them from farther away on the grounds that you can without much of a stretch hit them with your precise headshot weapon while they will have an extremely difficult time hitting you with their plasma guns and needlers. Utilize the slope to the right that you just cleared to get to the second level of the trailblazer structure, where there are some more snorts and jackals. Utilize either the slope or the room in the level as cover to flip off these light infantry. In the focal point of the subsequent level, there is another slope prompting the third level. There are 2 snorts, 2 jackals, and a tip top spec-operations with an energy blade on the third level. By and by, you should flip off the light infantry before you draw in the first class spec operations, so move to the highest point of the slope and start taking out the snorts and jackals nearest to you. In the event that your safeguards fall, back down the incline for cover. Whenever you have killed the snorts in general and jackals, the first class spec operations will accuse you of his energy blade. Kill him before he contacts you with a plasma gun and carbine blend while backing up. Snatch his dynamic disguise protective layer capacity and return to the second level to take out the adversary infantry watching the left slope (you skirted them previously).

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