How To Build an Empire With Blogs
This is the thing I'm hearing a lot of: How do I blog? When you're just beginning to think about making blogs, it's tough to imagine how it will become an Empire. We all have these desires of managing an Empire blog, but there are the many obstacles that we have to go through, under and over and around. One would believe that there is no hope at the end of the tunnel. Dreams fuel us and help us keep going and working towards what we want. A strong desire to reach our goals and a resentment of failure keep us looking forward to win a trophy. A blog's operation can be very satisfying, particularly when the blog teaches. But before we can set out to go about teaching we need to figure out just how to build it and what platform we'll be on. Let's look at a few issues we must consider in order to create the Empire blog. For more detail please visit:- Domain RegistrationMost people want to create a blog that has a dot com name rather than its name, which is the actual hosting service i.e., WordPress, Blog or Blog. This is the point where domain name registration comes at, simply buy a domain at $12 per year. Then, you redirect (DNS) the domain's name to your hosting provider. For those who aren't sure about (DNS) is, Domain Name System is the method of distributing the naming system is used for computers and other services. It converts IP addresses with domain names. Website Hosting It is possible to run a blog from an entirely free service and never need concerns about hosting your site. However, it's a sense of professionalism and trust that comes with blogs hosted with their own dot-com domain and run by an independent hosted service. I suggest you choose a hosting company hosting your blog and and one that is friendly for your blog's hosting platform. If this is not your forte you can find video tutorials to guide you step-by-step through the process. Free Platforms Like WordPress You're probably wondering: how can you blog? Well, there are a handful of free blogging platforms available on the Internet including blogger, Tumblr blog Jux, WordPress, Posterous Spaces and Weebly. Certain are superior to others and picking one is usually down to your personal preference. However, I've used some of them and I would definitely recommend WordPress because of its versatility and flexibility. There are a few sites with video tutorials that tells you everything you should be aware of about WordPress from setting it up to plug-ins, themes, affiliate marketing and so on, so I would not worry too much about what you should do here. Use Headlines Effectively Imagine writing the most amazing piece you ever wrote in your lifetime, but having absolutely no one read it. Most of us never really believe that the title is significant enough. We typically connect the title to something something to do with the article and, by far, that's the preferred method. But, you must ensure that your headline is compelling to the reader to ensure that they actually click to read it and be engaged with your post. Before you compose your headline, run the keyword search to see how many websites are focusing on those keywords; you can use phrases like "How Do I Blog?" Find fewer websites which are specifically targeting by the keyword you've chosen to target. If you have more than 900 million websites that target the same keyword or phrase that's quite difficult, and if not impossible if you're newly-initiated in blogging that you'll actually get to the top of any search engine. Have a Great Blog Design When you design your website, make sure you make your website appealing because you want your visitors to not only read your content but indulge in the design of your site too. I've been to some websites which are ugly, and it's not long to leave to a different website. The majority of websites that are ugly in appearance only pique the attention of a user for 3 seconds or less. Not a lot of time to actually read the content so you get the drift at this point don't you? Leverage Social Media Social media is an extremely big deal these days, take a look at the little teens with their cell phones crossing the street looking down and never look up. They are mostly talking or texting on Facebook or some other social network. If you begin making an effort to target Facebook and other social network media such as Pin, Tweeter, LinkedIn and many others. Don't overload them with every kind of advertisements. Keep in mind that the majority of these are your family members and friends, and they are likely to ignore your posts. A blog post here and there of interest can get them moving, and it will also make them like your website and promote it on their walls. Identify Your Niche Find out what interests you and what topics you'd love writing about. It's not much fun writing about something you can't stand. If you pick a subject that you do not like and don't like, you're probably not going to write much and, in fact it will die out in about three months. A blog is simply an ongoing diary that requires regular updates. For a few of us, we were little kids and we kept a small diary that we would use every day to note down something on it. It's not more than the same. You can make a decision to write posts in it each day or even every week. But whatever plan you set yourself ensure that it's constant. Keyword Research After you have found your passion, it's time you to start doing Keyword Research. There's absolutely no use in writing without targeting keywords that people aren't interested in. Make use of a search engine like Google and target a particular keyword. Google offers a tool called a Keyword Tool that allows you to target particular keywords or phrases. These will tell you just how many people are looking on those keywords. Then, you have to figure out how many websites actually use those keywords. It's not difficult to accomplish this from here on out. all you have to do is include your keyword in quotes and that will tell you just how many websites have these phrases. Choose keywords that get around 55,000 searches per month. This amounts to a little more than 1600 searches per day for the specific phrase. If you're getting only 10% of the traffic that comes to your website, that's 166 people who could be customers per day, that's a great beginning. Link Building No links, no visibility. It's great to write good content and wish that everyone would find it. But the truth is that you need to have authoritative websites that link to your website to allow your readers to discover you. The method for getting this done is to find yourself some good article directories. Then, start writing so that you can make yourself an expert on your area. You could also try other blogs that allow links to your own website or article. To find yourself high ranking article websites just type in Google "high ranking article directories" and it will provide a list of the top 50 directories for article. This should give you a good starter as you sort your order by the page's ranking to know which ones rank in the top position. Select a good starting point, for instance five rankings. If you are less than five, choose to avoid and visit any authoritative website with at least a five-star rating or more. Blog Comment This may not seem like something to be concerned about, but blog comments go far in linking to your site. If you are a part of the top-ranked blog that permits you to enter your blog's signature as a link back to your site, then you're in business. As you become more of an authority on the blog, readers will begin to follow those links right back to your site. Not only that, the search engines will also be following those links and you'll gain a higher rank on the search engines. So , every chance you get, try to increase your blog comments. List Building A Weber is the big honcho an email responding services. I think they're priced about $19 per month or something similar. But, having an email list is crucial to the success of your blog. There is nothing more satisfying to have an email listing of readers who are interested in what you offer. Once you've become an industry expert within your field Your subscribers are curious about what you have to say as well as the offers you make to them. However, if you want to give out something that will cost the customer money, but provide them with freebies as well. The challenge here is setting up an auto-responder that is able to provide substance. It isn't enough to broadcast all the time, you generally have to offer something worth mentioning such as the free ebook or educative information that has something to do with do with your blog. Ping Pinging Servers actually promote your blog; they create an array of blogs with new material. Blog search engines provide rapid results by polling only recently updated blogs. WordPress actually includes the ping feature as a default. But there's plenty additional features you can upload to your WordPress blog and have it ping you every time your blog has been upgraded. Social Bookmark Links Social bookmarks are great tools which allow bookmark sharing. The idea is to save the bookmark, then share it as an information source. There are some services that allow treating of bookmarks and this helps to get the word out. AdSense and ClickBank Ads However, when you first begin your blog, it's generally not the best idea to spread a ton of advertisements all over the site. A majority of users get exhausted of constant advertisements anyway. You might want to at least look into Google AdSense as a way to get paid for allowing ads to appear on your site when the traffic on your site starts to increase to maybe 5000 users a day. Click bank is something you can use in your current articles. So when you first start up and write an article on something, suppose it's about electronics. You could choose a particular electronic and then provide a link to your affiliate links which will take them to ClickBank to ensure that the reader clicks that to get more information and they purchase a product you receive a commission. Learn About Marketing Anyone can put up a blog, but not everyone knows how to market it. This is key and this is the truth, you should learn to market your blog. There are lots of aspects to study and there are a myriad of terms that you can find on the Internet regarding search engine optimization such as keyword marketing, article marketing, lead generation , and lots more. These are all relevant to the development of your blog and it is essential to learn about them. While some of them can be very overwhelming, but you need to be able to grasp a good idea on all of them. Particularly if you're going run the blog yourself. Fix Broken Pages Go through each and every one of your pages to find broken links. Broken links could convey a negative message to the search engines, and that is a disaster. The best thing to do is look at your web hosting report. These reports include pages visitors have visited, search engine keywords in linked pages, as well as your error reporting; broken links. This is a great starting point because, sometimes you may miss links easily. If you discover that you have a page that is not working or something else that's not functioning correctly, you can create a refresh page to send them to an unrelated directory or in a different location that's not broken.

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