Dress Your Age: Style Tips For Men Over 50
If you're reading this article it is likely that you are reaching the top of your fifty-year-old years. Whatever age you get, dressing your age, or even knowing what to wear is a challenge for males. Don't be one of the men who let his style deteriorate when he gets the 50s. There is no specific rules for what men should wear however, the style of older men versus younger men is quite different. Although you're younger at heart and would like to wear the bomber jackets, jeans, leather jackets T-shirts and so on however, are they really worth wearing in your later years. A big NO! The first and most important thing is the most important thing to do when dressing older men is to dress in clothes that are appropriate for you. Dressing in flattering clothes makes them appear older. Therefore, go through your collection and pick the ones that are easy to put on You not only appear attractive in them, but also feel comfy no matter what event you're planning to attend. With a title such as "style tips for men over 50" The article does not sound all that promising, however here we will provide the most useful suggestions on that older men can use to stand out by their fashion choices. A few style fundamentals for the oldies Style stays, Fashion fades. Instead of chasing trends that are fluttering males of a certain older should choose a general style in the style they feel most at  ease. For instance, if hoodies you like the look of the Blazerand Jeans pair, then stick with the same style, and don't alter it simply because you're growing. For accessories, a subtle designed tie is always appropriate for a man in mid-life. Finally, White running shoes are not recommended for people who are elderly except when they're out running, and for that they could prefer dark or black Nike. Style rules for our older generation: Slim Jeans Whatever your size, no matter how slim, you must not be wearing those skinny fitted jeans. There is no way you can be a rock star of Green day; You will look silly in those tight jeans. Logos/ Graphics printed T-shirts: After a certain age, like 50, anything is prominently displayed on your chest, can make you appear desperate, so stay clear of it. Hoodies: An absolute no for the oldies. Long hair: In the event that you're losing your hair, any style that is longer than 1/2 inch isn't recommended. blue Jeans as well as running footwear:This is my personal dislike. If you're out for running, put on running shoes , and if you are working, put on some professional shoes. We'll now look at some fashion tips for looking the best in the 50s. Here are the tips: Make sure your style is colour-blocked It's not that you have to eliminate all colors from your wardrobe , but opt for a more monotone palette. Avoid vibrant acid colors and pastel shades. Instead, choose classic shades like camel, light grey forest green, navy blue as well as dark red. If you're a woman with hair that is all grey, wearing all grey clothes will make you look stunning. This is the best professional style for office environments. Say goodbye to your shorts and cargo pants Many of you are thinking that it's obvious, but it's not easy to repeatNo cargos, never. Although they're comfortable and practical, think of the pockets that come in useful, but they're not meant for big daddies. White t-shirts can be the norm In the past, any white shirt can be elegant. It is possible to wear white t-shirts for any occasion, but ensure that it's in perfect condition , which means it is washed, ironed and folded. If not, you'll look like you're slipping off the your bed. I guarantee you that it's not the best choice for a shrewd elderly man. Find out your body's shape and stick to a specific body shape. Certain men are fortunate enough to fit effortlessly in the suits that are sold at stores however the majority of these men are extremely rare. If you're not one of the lucky ones take a step back and have your baggy pants and suits hemmed and cuffed correctly. Unfit clothes aren't at all healthy for you and can show your age. Dress in clothes that are just right and look like an opulent millionaire. Don't put on denim on denim This is an all-time trend for hipsters of the younger generation however, for males older than 50, it's a absolute no. If you're wearing jeans, go for a casual button-down and put a basic T-shirt over it. Mixing denim and Chambray tops with tanned brown Chinos is the best option for those who are over 50. Denim jackets with blue-colored jeans shouldn't be worn to any event.

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