Corrupted Life
There isn't a one-word definition of corruption that is appropriate for everyone since everyone has their own interpretation and each of us has an intellectual willingness to consider the word according to our personal intelligence level. It is my belief that the word corruption is corrupted as a result of which it is difficult to find an most appropriate definition. My opinion is that "Corruption is the devastation of someone's faithfulness through improper mean, like by giving up bribery or using an influential power to attain goals. Corruption means to ditch a grave of our values, integration and dignity." It is a fact that all countries are its targets and all of us have to be exposed to this term at some point during our lifetimes. Recently this word has created a new reality to our lives. As the years pass and corruption is growing even as the politicians and governments are working to cut it down However, the fact can't be changed. It's an extremely difficult nut to crack. Corruption. Governments, for the private benefit, are able to misuse the of the nation's property, without considering that they are entrusted with the responsibility to take care Financial Corruption And Fraud of their country as mothers do. We are like children of our nation, but unfortunately, corrupt people behave like our step-mother, separating our rights that we are entitled to. Furthermore, not just government officials, but powerful individuals use their power to accomplish the goals that they would like to see happen on the basis of their power as supreme. It's evident that if a nation is corrupt, the whole nation is likely to be corrupted. Corruption is not just present in the government, but it's at the root of every wrong decision in the private sector too. The effects of corruption have ruined my life and many others have been affected by corruption throughout their lives. The truth is that corruption is a fact of life everywhere and the entire world is in a state of corruption. This is not only commonplace in the society of the upper class however, it's a matter of concern to every society, nation and nations. If someone claims that corruption has stopped anymore in their country, I'd have an doubt, as corruption is an ongoing an inexplicably long-lasting process. If it comes to an end at one end and then it starts its next cycle at the opposite end. Everyone is corrupted our modern society and I am so unlucky to be one to be a part of that. My entire existence, my dreams as well as my ambitions and goals throughout the past and in the present , have been completely impacted by corruption in our country. The dignity of people is being eroded because of this shaming act. I was astonished to meet some of the corrupted individuals in my own life. Sometimes, I think: Why me to be a part of fighting corruption? Why are we a portion of corruption? Who will hear our pleas in a world that is corrupt? The reason why corrupt people have ruined our lives? The freedom to live as we did in recent times was taken away from us. And now the life we would like to spend is being governed by corrupted individuals. Who will stop this? From the specialists in medicine to the police officers and the most powerful politicians to the common civil servant, everyone is corrupted in the United States. The first time I was a victim of corruption was as soon as I came into the world. It was true that I was just a child and I was unable to discern what was happening within me. However, my father informed me that as I was about to be born to this world, the hospital's head requested my father to pay an additional amount of money to allow my mother to be admitted in an extremely bad state, as there was no other hospital in the vicinity that could give an urgent birth. My mother was dying from labor pains, however, the hospital's head demanded my father give him more money to pay for bribes, which meant that my family was compelled to take part in corruption. At the age of three year old, I was told by my father made the decision to admit me to an excellent English moderate school. The admissions process was not a success at a school that was reputable. The school requested my father to make an amount (which was a novel method of taking bribes) that was about 25000 rupees. My father accepted me into the school after he fulfilled the school's request. Otherwise, I'm sure I would have been in an unofficial school. I can still recall that one of my sixth class teachers would always request us to provide her with lunch. She also often requested us to inform our mothers to bring gifts to her. I was not a very confident student and what corruption was wasn't of a mystery to me until now. However, I was convinced that my teacher was working on get us to send a black email. I was sick of her daily threats. One time, I went to see my Principal , and with no thought of my possible outcomes I shared with him the whole story. The Principal contacted my parents and told my parents that my child was suspecting and pointed out the shortcomings in our teacher's reputation. However, I made a comment in the middle that made my Principal furious. I sounded out my opinion even I was shy but not insane to not speak up before those respected individuals who are an exemplary citizen but, in actuality they are corrupt. My father dealt with the situation , and told me to not speak a one word about any teacher until the next time. This is the very first time that I felt compelled to explain the true story to my principal, but I was too late! My Principal was corrupt as well. The following morning, I got brutally attacked by my teacher. She also gave me the lowest score in her class. This is the way that threats are made whenever someone wishes to raise their voice within any organization since no one is willing to admit their mistakes, and there is no one who is ready to make changes in the world. After two years of service, our principal was exiled from the ABC board after he was found red-handed accepting a bribe from a person who was seeking admission to their child to the school. It's true, "To reach the highest always start with the lowest." My lowest point was to raise my voice in that critical moment. My first act of retaliation against a crime was not a big hit however, it still is a source of immense satisfaction that I sounded my alarm and God was able to do justice to me. When I was in the ninth grade, I was working all day and nights to complete my test with flying colors. I scored only 81% marks for every subject, when I had expected the highest marks. I visited our bureau and signed out a questionnaire to examine my work. The counterperson demanded that I could pay at least 10,000 rupees, I would be able to raise my marks by using the process of examination. He informed me that scrutinizing will not benefit me in any way. It's a form to fill in, however the outcome won't be altered. The man also gave me a few customers who were around my age and had boosted their scores through bribes. I was shocked. I was called a man was corrupted because at that point, I understood what was corruption? I was ejected from that point and lost my enthusiasm to my studies over the next year. Corruption is like the WHITE Ant, which is certainly destroying our nation of its dignity. In any case, I motivated myself, and once more did my best in my 10th standard . This year, I had hoped to achieve good scores. Alas! I received the same result, 81. The news was shocking for me because I discovered it was the case that, in past years there were students who worked to the max, received low marks on their tests. This is the truth of our educational system which is also the sole reason why our education system isn't adequate as of now.

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